Established in 1991 Mc Security and Investigations identified a need for a specialized security company, who is able to have a holistic approach to security solutions based on, Risk and threat analysis concerned with procedures, physical and electronic measures. Designed to safeguard owners, staff, personnel, customers, property, and business operations to prevent unauthorized access to equipment, facilities and material, to protect against sabotage, damage, misuse, or disruptions of business operations.

MC Security & Investigations had its humble beginnings identifying the need for the less fortunate and disadvantaged during the period of mass unemployment.

Security as a priority for employment within the State environments was increasing evident and our aim was to be a service provider of distinction within this arena, whilst meeting intrinsic needs of our employees.

Our orientation was to operate a venture that would meet the needs of our demanding clients from far and wide, simultaneously creating employment for people in the surrounding areas, who in turn will also become intelligence providers to the company.

Being a 100% South African owned company and having lived in Lenasia all our lives understand the environment.

We don't just train! We develop and empower our people at all levels.

In South Africa, one has to deal with the relatively unskilled source of labor and to this extent, the three main pillars of success of MC SECURITY & INVESTIGATIONS is based on the following :

  • Careful recruitment / selection of staff in order to avoid the re-utilisation of migrant security officers which moves from one company to another
  • Initial training is deemed of vital importance and exceeds the mere Security Officers Board now P.S.I.R.A. specified training. However, the focus on "ON THE JOB" training is deemed as ultra important.
  • Supervision is seen as an all important activity in ensuring staff morale and optimized efficiencies due to long hours worked by employees, and the nature of the business

MC Security & Investigations subscribes to the concept of value added services. To this extent, initial and on-going threat and risk assessment are carried out, and corrective measures put in place whenever a need arises.

Our Directors experience in the field of security gives us the edge above any other security companies it has been garnished over the years by creating environment for our clients, ensuring the normality is right for ensuring the development for our Rainbow Nation. We have been and are still proud service providers to a number of clients. The numerous letters of Recommendation from a large host of highly satisfied clients makes it abundantly evident that we have a strong commitment to a high quality service delivery track record. We have been engaged in a number of high profile security services jointly with the Office of The Premier Security Operations.

We exercise a culture of ploughing back as we reap in respect of our social commitment to various communities and governmental structures in need of dire assistance. 

We believe in the maxim of team work with the opt anagram

  • T – togetherness
  • E – ensures
  • A – achieve
  • M- maximum

Where we, MC Security, make the difference between being Safe or Unfortunately Sorry


Our Vision is to successfully establish our company in the business of Safety and Security, thus utilizing our strength to play a meaningful role in – pioneering a sustainable security service, which will inform a permanent comfortable business practice environment throughout South Africa.

Our Mission is twofold:

The provision of high client satisfaction
The exploration, research and development of permanent and sustainable security practices and strategies on all areas of focus.


  • Contribute towards the creation of jobs
  • To ensure client satisfaction through the provision of service excellence
  • To create a conducive environment for safe and secure business activity on our clients premises
  • To ensure the commitment of personnel on site through strict physical supervision and
  • Management programmers including regular monitoring and evaluation of services and practices




Here is a brief description of expertise, activities, training and major events that Directors and managers of the company acquired over the last 20 years.

The Director served the South African Police Services with excellence and distinction, receiving various merit awards from the SAPS and the Lenasia community.

He brought to book some of the most notorious criminals and gangsters, who ended up in
prison where they belong. He was one of the five non whites to qualify as a finger print technician, a rare feat
during the days of apartheid' Because of his successes and being a distinguished policeman he jointly
headed the anti – corruption and investigation unit. He was the branch commander of the crime
prevention and the inquiry investigation unit. When he resigned from the police service he worked
in the loss control department in SAB where he implemented various security and safety measures
which reduced drastically the losses the company suffered before employing him.


  • He is also a much respected community leader. He received a community
  • Human Rights award from the local newspaper and radio station (Indicator, Southern Globe,East Wave Radio)
  • founder member of the Lenasia Community Policing Forum,
  • Member of the National Religious Leaders Forum which meets with the
  • President of South Africa on a quarterly basis
  • President of the International Movement For Tamil Culture
  • Serves on various NGO"S serving the less fortunate